NEW FOR 2024 – 2024 Nastia Liukin Cup age determinationathlete should be in age group based on age they will be as of 12/31/24

  • Junior age group – age 16 and under / born 2008 or later
  • Senior age group – age 17 and older / born 2007 or prior

Athletes that are ineligible to qualify for the NLCup include:

  • Any athlete who has competed in a Winter Cup or Classic meet as a junior or senior, and has not completed the Elite drop back petitioning process
  • Foreign athletes
  • Current National Team members – click HERE for current NT members
  • Any athlete that has been a member of the National Team within 6 months of the Nastia Liukin Cup.
    1. Click HERE for past Senior National Team members
    2. Click HERE for past Junior National Team members

NLCup series qualifiers: Ties (please see page 68 of the Women’s Rules & Policies)

  • Ties in the All-Around
    1. The athlete with the highest individual event score receives the award for the tied place.
    2. If the athletes are still tied, then the athlete with the second highest individual event score receives the award. This continues through the third highest individual event score.