Velandra Brochi


Velandra Brochi

Round Rock, Texas


Platinum Gymnastics Academy
Pflugerville, Texas

Qualifying Meet:
Alamo Classic


Instagram: velandra.brochi

Do you have a nickname? Yes “V”

When and why did you first become interested in gymnastics? I did some recreational gymnastics early on, but at the age of 9 I decided I wanted to do what the team girls were doing. I was an old starter so I had to work really hard to catch up to all the other girls my age. It was a lot of hard work, but I loved it.

Do you have any good/funny memories from when you first started taking gymnastics classes? I got a 6 on beam at my first meet. It’s funny now, but it wasn’t funny then.

When did you decide you wanted to compete? I decided I wanted to compete when I saw the team girls doing all their hard skills.

When did you want to compete at a high level? I knew I wanted to compete at a higher level once I started to advance and the skills got harder.

What about competition appeals to you? I like the challenge of competing and learning new skills

What is your training regimen? Was that a big change when you made the switch to competitive gymnastics? I currently train around 30 hours a week (Tuesdays and Sundays off) Yes, it is a lot more hours, but I attend a charter school (4 hours a day) and it allows me to train more hours and get home at a decent hour.

What is your favorite event? Bars

What is your favorite skill? I don’t have a favorite, I like them all!

What music do you use for your floor routine? Mykayla Sknner 2016

Who is your favorite gymnast or who is your “idol”? favorite gymnast- Aly Raisman Idol-Aly Raisman

How have you grown as a gymnast during your career, both skill wise and mentally? I’ve definitely have been able to learn harder skills as the competitive seasons have gone by. Mentally I have really grown up and have learned to get back up after a fall and finish strong.

If you had to select one life-lesson that gymnastics has taught you, what would it be? Gymnastics has taught me to be patient. New skills are not learned over night it takes hard work and dedication.

What are your biggest accomplishments or best memories in your career? My best memory was scoring a 39 at the Tiger Classic meet and getting to pet tiger. My biggest accomplishment is competing at Nationals in 2017

What grade are you in school? I am in 9th grade

Do you want to compete in collegiate gymnastics? I sure do

What are your favorite subjects, etc.? Math and Spanish

If you plan to go to college, do you know what you want to study there? Yes, I want to be a Physical Therapist

What are your goals for the future, both as an athlete and after you are finished competing? As an athlete I would like obtain a full ride division 1 college scholarship as an all- around gymnast. After I’m done competing I would like to work become a successful physical therapist

When you’re not in the gym, how do you enjoy spending your time? I like spending my time with my family and taking family vacations to the beach

Do you have any hobbies or favorite activities? I like to spend time with my chocolate lab puppy and just spending time outdoors especially doing water related activities.

What is your favorite food? Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich

What is your favorite movie? Any Super hero movie

What is your favorite book? Any good mystery novel

What is your favorite music group? I don’t have a favorite, I just like music in general.

Are any of your family members current or former athletes? Which sports? Yes my mom was active in volleyball, basketball and track during her school years. My dad was a wrestler during his school years.

What type of music do enjoy listening to? Country, Today’s Hits ..all music

If you had to pick 3 words to describe yourself as a gymnast, what are they? Hard-working, passionate, and competitive

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