Elexis Edwards


Elexis Edwards

Midlothian, Virginia


Virginia International Gymnastics
Midlothian, Virginia

Qualifying Meet:
Excalibur Cup


1. Name, Age, Hometown
Elexis Edwards, 14, Midlothian, Va.

2. Do you have a nickname?

3. When and why did you first become interested in gymnastics?
I started gymnastics in 2006 because my sister was enrolled in team. My mother thought it was a good idea to put me in classes to keep me active.

4. Do you have any good/funny memories from when you first started taking gymnastics classes?
When I was doing classes, my teammates and I used to eat chalk because we were little kids that didn’t know any better.

5. When did you decide you wanted to compete? And, when did you want to compete on the elite level? What about competition appeals to you?
I have always wanted to compete, and at the age of 5, my coach saw the potential in me and placed me on team at Level 4. I am currently a Level 10 and not an elite gymnast. In competition, I love to perform and have a good time. Seeing that all my work and time is paying off in competitions truly is a great feeling.

6. What is your training regimen? Was that a big change when you made the switch to competitive gymnastics?
I train 4 hours a day Monday through Friday. I am not sure because I have been a competitive gymnast since 2006.

7. What is your favorite event?
Floor exercise

8. What is your favorite skill?
I enjoy performing my full-in on floor and my double back of beam.

9. What music do you use for your floor routine?
I use a powerful piece of music called ‘The Game of Shadows’.

10. Who is your favorite gymnast or who is your ‘idol’?
I idolize Simone Biles, Nastia Liukin, and Shawn Johnson.

11. How have you grown as a gymnast during your career, both skill wise and mentally?
Gymnastics has helped me maintain a level of fitness, structure, and mental strength.

12. If you had to select one life-lesson that gymnastics has taught you, what would it be?
Gymnastics has taught me that if you get knocked down brush off your shoulders and get right back up.

13. What grade are you in school, and where do you go to school?
I am currently a freshman at Monacan High school.

14. Do you want to compete in collegiate gymnastics?
Definitely, I think college gymnastics would be so much fun.

15. What are your favorite subjects, etc.?
Unlike most people I do enjoy math and I also like science.

16. If you plan to go to college, do you know what you want to study there?
In college, I would like to major in nutrition.

17. What are your goals for the future, both as an athlete and after you are finished competing?
My goal for the future is to compete for a Division 1 college and possibly for a NCAA National Championship. After my gymnastics career, I would like to be a physical therapist and possibly be a gymnastics coach.

18. When you’re not in the gym, how do you enjoy spending your time? Do you have any hobbies or favorite activities?
Outside the gym I love to hangout with my friends and family, shop, and travel.

19. What is your favorite food?
My favorite food is macaroni and cheese.

20. What is your favorite movie?
My favorite movie is ‘The Call’.

21. What is your favorite music group?
I enjoy R&B and pop music.

22. Do you have any competition rituals? Lucky charms?
I often pray that I will be safe and that I will do my best no matter what happens. As far a lucky charms, I do have golden coins in my gym bag that I keep for good luck.

23. If you had to pick 3 words to describe yourself as a gymnast, what are they?
As a gymnast I would describe myself as powerful, focus, and a bit of a perfectionist.

24. What 3 words describe you as a person, not the gymnast?
Outside of the gymnastics world I am outgoing, helpful, and ambitious.

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