Lindsey Lemke


Lindsey Lemke

Bay City, Michigan


R Athletics
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Qualifying Meet:
Presidential Classic


By Erica Rath

Lindsey Lemke is a 17 year old high school junior from Holt, Mich. She trains there at R Athletics Club under Daniel McCarty.

Since she was a sophomore, Lindsey has been committed to the University of North Carolina. Receiving a scholarship for her gymnastics accomplishments is what she had been working for her entire career. She looks forward to her time at school where she wants to study sports medicine, so she can stay in the athletic world.

Lindsey started dancing when she was a toddler. She danced at the same gym that a the gymnastics team practiced and remembers pining over the girls tumbling and flipping through the window. She went home and told her mom that she wanted to stop dancing and start doing gymnastics. She has been for 10 years.

Each of Lindsey’s smaller goals has added up to reach her big goal of earning a college scholarship. One of those smaller goals was to make the Junior Olympic national team, which she did and competed for them in 2011. She placed fourth that year and also scored high enough to qualify for the region 5 All-Star Team. “Hard work pays off,” she said after discussing the various achievements in her career.

Each day, Lindsey attends her public school, taking four classes and finishes two online on her own time. She spends most of her time at the gym perfecting her craft. She still has more goals to reach including becoming an all-around gymnast at UNC.

Lindsey has an older brother, who played hockey in high school. She is looking forward to the Nastia Liukin Cup to compete against familiar faces and on a podium.

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