Hannah Miller


Hannah Miller

Farmington, Utah


Olympus School Of Gymnastics
Sandy, Utah

Qualifying Meet:
Charity Choice


By Lauren Eli

Fourteen-year-old Farmington, Utah, native Hannah Miller is proud of where she’s from.

This is Miller’s first year qualifying for the Nastia Liukin Cup, and she says she is most excited to meet Liukin and represent Utah. And like fellow Olympus School of Gymnastics gymnast Mary Beth Lofgren, Miller would like to earn a college scholarship and compete at the University of Utah.

At the age of four, Miller switched from dance classes to gymnastics, but her passion for dance can still be found in her floor routines. While gymnastics is known to be a physically and mentally demanding sport, that’s what Miller enjoys most about it.

“I like gymnastics more because of the mental process that goes into it and how focused you have to be,” Miller said.

Miller spends about 27 hours a week training and working out at the gym, but never gets tired of it.

“I’ve always loved going to gymnastics every day and working my hardest there,” Miller said.

When she’s not in the gym, she enjoys shopping at Nordstrom and Vans with her friends and spending time with her family. Her favorite subject is geography, and one day, she would like to visit India to see its famous architecture and the different culture.

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