Sadie Miner


Sadie Miner

Mapleton, Utah


All American Gymnastics
Lindon, Utah

Qualifying Meet:
Classic Rock Invitational


1. Name, Age, Hometown
Sadie Jane Miner, 14, Mapleton, Utah

2. Do you have a nickname?

3. Where do you train?
I train at All American Gymnastics in Lindon, Utah. It’s a half hour from my hometown.

4. When and why did you first become interested in gymnastics?
I started when I was 3 years old because I had two brothers who were gymnasts and my sister that is a year older was in gymnastics too.

5. Do you have any good/funny memories from when you first started taking gymnastics classes?
I really didn’t want to leave my mom during workouts and I would cry a lot. Also, I was so little that everyone would carry me piggy back around the gym. I never had to walk to an event! This continued till I was about 10 when my mom had to finally remind everyone that I had legs and could walk!

6. When did you decide you wanted to compete? And, when did you want to compete on the elite level? What about competition appeals to you?
The coaches felt like I was ready to compete when I was five so I started as soon as I was able to. I love to compete because it is fun and I get to show what I have worked so hard for.

7. What is your training regimen? Was that a big change when you made the switch to competitive gymnastics?
I train five days a week for four-and-a-half hours each day right now. It never seemed hard to add more hours as I got older in the sport because I just loved being at the gym all the time.

8. What is your favorite event?
Floor exercise

9. What is your favorite skill?
Double layout

10. What music do you use for your floor routine?
“Escape in Wright Flyer” from “Night at the Museum, Battle of the Smithsonian”

11. Who is your favorite gymnast or who is your “idol”?
Simone Biles because she is so cute and amazing.

12. How have you grown as a gymnast during your career, both skill wise and mentally?
I think I have grown skill-wise because my coaches have taught me that hard work pays off and that you can accomplish anything with a good attitude and effort. Mentally, I try to stay focused on my goals and not get down when I have bumps in the road. It’s those times that I have to pick myself up and try again. “Do your best, be your best” is what my mom tells me.

13. How has gymnastics helped you as a person?
Gymnastics is a sport of focus and that has helped me in my schoolwork so much. Keeping your head up when sometimes you fall.

14. If you had to select one life-lesson that gymnastics has taught you, what would it be?
I have learned through gymnastics to never give up on a goal and that if you work hard, good things happen.

15. What are your biggest accomplishments or best memories in your career?
Earning my first 38 in the all-around, getting to compete at the Nastia Liukin Cup, my team scored an all-time high of 115.800.

16. What grade are you in school, and where do you go to school?
9th Grade; Mapleton Junior High School

17. Do you want to compete in collegiate gymnastics?

18. What are your favorite subjects, etc.?

19. If you plan to go to college, do you know what you want to study there?
Interior Design

20. What are your goals for the future, both as an athlete and after you are finished competing?
Make it to Nationals, go to college, get married and have a family.

21. When you’re not in the gym, how do you enjoy spending your time? Do you have any hobbies or favorite activities? Charities?
I love to spend time with my family doing many activities, such as four-wheeling, snowmobiling, bowling and laughing. Hobbies are gymnastics and learning to play the piano on my own. I love to sing and bake too!

22. What is your favorite food?

23. What is your favorite movie?
I actually have two! “The Blind Side” and “Remember the Titans.”

24. What is your favorite book?
“To Kill a Mockingbird”

25. What is your favorite music group?
5 Seconds of Summer

26. Are any of your family members current or former athletes?
My five older siblings have been athletes in a variety of sports.
Which sports?
My dad played baseball at Bringham Young University and is a head baseball coach at our high school. My brothers all played baseball, a few played football and did wrestling. My brother, Logan, was a Level 10 gymnast and competed for nine years. My older sister, Abbey, is a Level 10 gymnast who competes with me! She just had shoulder surgery so she isn’t competing this year but she is a huge support to me!

27. Do you have any competition rituals?
As a team we say a prayer before the meet starts and then have a pep talk or inspirational quote.
Lucky charms?
Not really, unless my brother counts!

28. What’s on your IPod right now?
Country and pop

29. What type of music do enjoy listening to?
Country mostly and Jim Brickman on the piano when I am trying to go to sleep.

30. How about before a meet when you’re trying to get focused and pumped up?
I listen to my music loud and read inspirational quotes.

31. If you had to pick 3 words to describe yourself as a gymnast, what are they?
Focused, powerful and confident

32. What 3 words describe you as a person, not the gymnast?
Outgoing, funny and friendly

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