Maya Washington


Maya Washington

San Jose, California


San Mateo Gymnastics
Belmont, California

Qualifying Meet:
Metroplex Challenge


1. Name, Age, Hometown
Maya Washington, 16, San Jose, Calif.

2. Where do you train?
I train at San Mateo in San Jose.

3. When and why did you first become interested in gymnastics?
When I was 3 years old, my parents say that I use to do cartwheels around the house, so they decided to put me in gymnastics.

4. Do you have any good/funny memories from when you first started taking gymnastics classes?
When I first began taking gymnastics classes, I didn’t know how to put on a leotard and my mother didn’t help me either. So some days my leotard would be on backwards and I would have no idea until my teacher told me at gym.

5. When did you decide you wanted to compete? And, when did you want to compete on the elite level? What about competition appeals to you?
I decided I wanted to compete when I saw the optional girls working out at my gym and I wanted to be like them. I was 6 years old at the time. My favorite part about competing is showing the judges what I can do.

6. What is your training regimen? Was that a big change when you made the switch to competitive gymnastics?
The biggest change that occurred was training more hours.

7. What is your favorite event?

8. What is your favorite skill?
Double back tuck

9. What music do you use for your floor routine?
My music is from Cirque Du Soleil.

10. Who is your favorite gymnast or who is your “idol”?
Gabby Douglas

11. How have you grown as a gymnast during your career, both skill wise and mentally?
I’m mentally a lot stronger now than at the beginning of my career.

12. How has gymnastics helped you as a person?
I’ve gained so many friends that I love so much and I’m sograteful they are a part of my life.

13. If you had to select one life-lesson that gymnastics has taught you, what would it be?
Making one mistake doesn’t define who you are.

14. What are your biggest accomplishments or best memories in your career?
My best memory is when I stuck one of my vaults during competition, and I saw my coach smile bigger than I have ever seen him smile

15. What grade are you in school, and where do you go to school?
I’m in 11th grade (Junior in high school) and I go to Archbishop Mitty High School in San Jose.

16. Do you want to compete in collegiate gymnastics?

17. What are your favorite subjects, etc.?

18. What are your goals for the future, both as an athlete and after you are finished competing?
As an athlete, I want to compete well in college. After competing, I want to be really successful and make people’s lives better

19. When you’re not in the gym, how do you enjoy spending your time? Do you have any hobbies or favorite activities? Charities?
I like hanging out with my friends

20. What is your favorite food?
Chicken Caesar Salad

21. What is your favorite movie?
“Now You See Me”

22. What is your favorite book?
“The Maze Runner”

23. What is your favorite music group?
Cheetah Girls

24. Are any of your family members current or former athletes? Which sports?
My mother used to play tennis and my father played basketball.

25. Do you have any competition rituals? Lucky charms?
I always have to drink the same brand of water during every competition.

26. What’s on your IPod right now? What type of music do enjoy listening to? How about before a meet when you’re trying to get focused and pumped up?
I like listening to pop and hip- hop.

27. If you had to pick 3 words to describe yourself as a gymnast, what are they?
Determined, strong, focused

28. What 3 words describe you as a person, not the gymnast?
Happy, nice, a little weird

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